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Delft Software



Simulation software and integration

platforms have to cope with ever-

increasing amounts of data. That is

why model-data integration and data

science will be centre stage at the Delft

Software Days 2015. The models,

the data and our top expertise will be

brought together in the interactive

data research laboratory (iD-Lab) at

Deltares and displayed using the latest

visualisation technologies.

The new Delft3D Flexible Mesh 2016

software will also be launched at the

Next Generation Hydro Software

conference. The strength of this new

software is the integration, resulting

in a simulation package for use in

hydrological, hydrodynamic, morpho­

logical and water-quality research.

The Delft Software Days this year will

be from 26 October to 6 November.

With visitors from more than fifty

countries, this will be the opportunity

for developers and users to exchange

knowledge and experience. There will

be numerous conferences, work­

shops, user meetings, courses and

presentations about the software

developed by Deltares.

For more information:


NUSDeltares, the alliance

between the National Univer­

sity of Singapore and Deltares,

has won the DutchCham

Winsemius Award in the water

category. The prize is awarded

annually to a prestigious

organisation in the water

industry. The condition is that

the organisation must use

resources fromboth Singapore

and the Netherlands to bring

about strong growth in activi-

ties, innovative strategies and

market leadership in this sec­

tor. The jury consisted of Mr

Khoo Teng Chye (Operational

Director, Centre for Liveable

Cities), Harry Seah (Technical

Director, Public Utilities Board)

and Lennart Silvis (General

Director, NWP).

The Engineering Infra­

structure on Soft Soil course

(25 and 26 September) is

the successor to the Delft3D

course at the UFRJ in Rio de

Janeiro last year. Deltares

colleagues Bruno Coelho and

Suzanne van Eekelen will

be talking about solutions

for building roads, railways,

navigation channels and

ports on soft soils. Deltares

expects two fruitful days

with a central focus on

sharing knowledge. The

Netherlands has extensive

experience with all sorts of

innovative solutions such as

piled embankments, models

for long-term predictions

of settlement, the dynamic

behaviour of soft soils,

light filling materials and

geotextiles. Brazil has its

own challenges and design

approach, and so Deltares

can also learn a lot.