Delta Life 7

DELTARES, MARCH 2017 3 DELTARES IN BRIEF T rees can break waves. We know this because we have conducted studies using scale models in small wave flumes. But will they have the same effect during tsunamis or severe storms? No one has ever measured the forces at which trees break or get uprooted. Deltares has a unique facility, the Delta Flume, where we can conduct the relevant tests at full scale. So, we will soon know for certain what role mangroves or willow trees can play during storms. We can use that knowledge to say whether forests around the world can be used to manage flood risks and at the same time help to preserve valuable nature on coasts and rivers. We will be starting a crowdfunding campaign soon in order to establish an adequate research budget: #treesvstsunamis . TREES VERSUS TSUNAMIS CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN WORKSHOP: WHAT IF FLORIDA IS FLOODED? Climate change, sea-level rise and the constant threat of tropical cyclones. The densely-populated south of Florida is increasingly vulnerable to storm surges and floods. Deltares organised a work- shop with key stakeholders in this area to analyse the possible direct effects and chain reactions. For example, what is the impact of flooding on vital infra- structure? The software tool CIrcle was used to get answers. This is an inter­ active touch-screen table that allows for the straightforward visualisation and discussion of the consequences for vital infrastructure. FIVE COUNTRIES, ONE FORECASTING SYSTEM Floods and droughts have plagued the Sava River basin in recent years. The river flows from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia through Serbia to the Danube. In 2014, the region was hit hard by floods. The World Bank asked Deltares and RoyalHaskoningDHV to work together with local engineering firms on the development of a forecasting and warning system. The water authorities in this region will be able to use the new system to anticipate flooding better. The Sava Flood Forecasting and Warning System (FFWS) is special because there are five countries in the Sava basin, each with their own models, monitoring systems, forecasting systems, water management authorities and interests. FFWS helps to resolve those differences and make collaborative water manage­ ment possible. Severe floods and water shortages can be prevented, or the effects can be mitigated.