Delta Life 7

FRONT COVER An idyllic picture: the sea dike in Harlingen, Friesland. It does a good job. It's not for nothing that the entire world looks to the Netherlands to see how to build dikes. But scientific knowledge and skills have advanced enormously since the first dike was built. Netherlands will be changing the rules for dike management in 2017. Because the approach can be more efficient and cheaper. What does that involve exactly? Read more about the new approach on page 20. 2 6 9 24 And also: 3. Deltares in brief 12. Water & health: What can we actually do? 16. What are we seeing at ... the Valle del Cauca 18. Help: the groundwater's grey! 20. Protect the dike: from sandbags to software 22. Reeds: a smart water treatment system 23. Mapping out the floor of the North Sea 27. The sponge city of Kaohsiung 28. Deltares software 29. Deltares organisation 6 AN ECONOMIC VIEW OF WATER Frank Heemskerk of the World Bank wants water to remain the most likeable product in the world. 9 WATER & HEALTH DOSSIER A promising field of research with a lot of potential remaining. 24 RARE STORMS WITH FAR-REACHING CONSEQUENCES Super-storms are rare but they can have a considerable impact. Especially now that more and more people live and work on the coast. CREDITS Delta Life is published by Deltares, the Dutch innovation and research institute in the fields of water, subsurface and infrastructure. With independent research, Deltares is building the knowledge base that is urgently needed worldwide to keep deltas, coastal areas and river basins habitable. Knowledge development focuses on five themes: Flood risk, Ecosystems and Environmental Quality, Water and Subsoil Resources, Delta Infrastructure and Sustainable Delta Planning. For more information: Editing desk: P.O. Box 177, 2600 MH Delft, tel. +31 (0)88 335 8273, Subscriptions are free of charge and they can be requested or suspended by sending an e-mail to . Text and editing: Deltares en Maters & Hermsen Journalistiek Design and layout: Deltares and Maters & Hermsen Vormgeving Printed by: Koninklijke BDU Grafisch Bedrijf bv ISSN: 2351-972X Twitter Linkedin company/217430 Facebook https://www.facebook. com/ #!/pages/Deltares/ 154189334634001