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Deltares, spring 2020 2 Front page More than 350 million people around the world live in deltas. Which is hardly surprising: these are often fertile areas and trading hubs, and so their expanding cities are densely populated. But because they are located on the coast, they are also exposed to floods and other natural disasters. And those risks can only increase as a result of climate change. So the main question is: how will deltas, and the coastal areas and river basins adjoining them, develop in the context of all kinds of changes? Take supplies of water and sediment, example, rising sea levels and land subsidence, but also changes in size of the population, economic development and new technology. We need to understand all these factors before we can describe these changes clearly in long-term scenarios. And therefore to make the right decisions about how to keep these future deltas liveable, safe and resilient. Read more in the dossier starting on page 11 8  The European Green Deal John Bell, the Healthy Planet Director at the European Commission in Brussels, visited Deltares recently, exchanging knowledge and experience with water and soil experts. What role does he see for research in the transition to a climate-neutral Europe in 2050? 'The future is still ours to shape.' 11  Dossier: Future deltas How does a delta change in the long term in response to climate change, sea level rise, land subsidence and other factors? This dossier zooms in on Future deltas , one of the Deltaresmission areas. The key question is how to keep these areas safe in the future. 20  When the ice melts… More and more glaciers are melting because of the warming climate. Melt water on which some 250million people depend for their supplies of fresh water. What will be the effect of the melting ice? We sum them up. Credits Deltalife is published by Deltares, the Dutch research institute in the fields of water, subsurface and infrastructure. With independent research, Deltares is building the knowledge base that is urgently needed worldwide to keep deltas, coastal areas and river basins habitable. Knowledge development focuses on: flood risk, ecosystems and environmental quality, water and subsoil resources, delta infrastructure and sustainable delta planning. Editing desk P.O. Box 177, 2600 MH Delft • +31 (0)88 335 8273 • • Subscribe or unsubscribe free of charge by sending an email to Text · Editing · Layout Maters & Hermsen and Deltares • Printing  Koninklijke BDU Grafisch Bedrijf • ISSN  2351-972X Photo: Macao (Pearl River delta) And... Preparing for the 'new normal' 3 Deltares in brief 4 Infographic 18 Clearer picture of substances of concern 22 Testing ground: a glass dike 24 Knowledge in operation: water production at its most creative 25 Dikes of the future 26 The numbers tell the story 29 Deltares academy 30 Deltares organisation 31 Deltares software 32 Day Zero 34