Delta Life 11

DELTARES, MARCH 2019 On the occasion of the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite 2019 release, Deltares Academy has also added three new courses to the portfolio: Delft3D Flexible Mesh - Coastal Morphodynamic Modelling, SWAN - Wave Modelling and Delft3D Flexible Mesh - River Modelling. Sign up on: academy-courses/ This course focuses on the hydraulic behaviour of rivers. It looks at a stretch of the Dutch River Waal and covers the basic functionalities required for consultancy projects. Course participants learn how to set up and work with a model in 2D Flexible Mesh for accurate computations and a 1D grid for fast computations. This course was also featured for the first time at the recent Delft Software Days. Sign up on: delft3d-flexible-mesh-river-modelling-2/ A two-day introductory course for wave modelling using the phase-average wave model SWAN. This year for the first time, SWAN was included in the D-Waves module in the new Delft3D FM Suite. SWAN can also be used as stand-alone application, an option also covered by the training. The course pays special attention to physics and numerics for either option. INTRODUCTION OF THREE NEW COURSES DELFT3D FLEXIBLE MESH - RIVER MODELLING The aim of this course is to get a 2D coastal-estuarine model up and running by using the D-Flow FM engine, and combining structured and unstructured grids. The course includes an introduction to grid generation for flexible grids and to bathymetry interpolation, as well as an introduction to post-processing for this particular type of model. This course was introduced at the Delft Software Days in November. One of the participants commented afterwards: ' I would totally recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn the overall concepts and basics to run a morphological model properly! Sign up on: DELFT3D FLEXIBLE MESH - COASTAL MORPHODYNAMIC MODELLING SWAN - WAVE MODELLING MET DELFT3D FM 31 Deltares ACADEMY