R&D highlights edition 2019

PROJECTS Ecosystems and environmental quality 2 INTRODUCTION 10°N 10°N 2.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.5 0.5 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.5 1.5 2.0 2.5 0.5 25 15 10 cm/yr 0 2 >4 er >50 CONTENTS 3 INTRODUCTION 4 FLOOD RISK 6 Toppling domino stones to understand cascading effects 7 Collaborative risk mapping and climate adaptation in São Tomé and príncipe 8 Towards global data services 9 Professorships for enabling early warning 10 SFINCS - Rapid flood solver for coastal systems 11 Woods versus Waves: testing willows in the Delta Flume 12 A novel approach for design rainfall in urban drainage studies 13 Coarse sand barrier – A unique knowledge development with a major impact on piping 14 Wave run-up measurements using artificial intelligence 15 Maintaining peace and security by monitoring reservoirs from space 16 Machine learning for global forecasting of rainfall-induced landslides 18 ECOSYSTEMS AND ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY 20 Coherent eutrophication assessments for the North Sea with satellite data 21 Biodegradation of large-scale contamination in the subsurface: the case of Griftpark in Utrecht 22 ‘D-emissions’: a truly generic and flexible emission model 23 Danish farmers start measurements with the dutch nitrate app 24 Financing nature-based solutions for disaster risk reduction 25 Clay ripening pilot project: transforming marine dredging sludge into clay suitable for building dikes 26 The vegetation monitor: remote sensing to facilitate floodplain management 27 Marker Wadden: novel ecosystem and living lab 28 Map tool for erosion and sediment management in the rhine 30 WATER AND SUBSOIL RESOURCES 33 Dry, drier, drought: assessing drought risk around the world 34 Drought in 2018 – the deltares emergency response 35 Groundwater extraction causes mekong delta to sink into the sea 36 Grow with the flow: predicting the development of crop and yields for farmers 37 Fresh groundwater storage in large beach nourishment areas 38 Treasures of the North Sea 39 Building up knowledge about geohydrology in guyana: from fieldwork to water management 40 DELTA INFRASTRUCTURE 42 Reducing costs in wind farms: Meteo Dashboard 43 Shifting Sands – measuring toe scour using innovative techniques 44 Scale model testing: Innovative mooring in the port of the future 45 Ocean research and outstanding sporting performance during the Volvo Ocean Race 46 Environmental impact of tidal power in the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge barrier 47 Asset management: which sewage pipelines need attention? 48 Watch – water management for road authorities in the face of climate change 49 Landslide risk assessment for the road network in Albania 50 Water overflowing our storm surge barriers: what can they handle? 51 Aging infrastructure: replacing hydraulic structures effectively and efficiently 52 ADAPTIVE DELTA PLANNING 54 Green-win: co-financing climate adaptation 55 Deltares helps european coastal sectors to cope with climate change 56 The governance of naturebased solutions (nbs): The marker wadden 57 Facilitating the implementation of nature-based solutions using the added value of joint action participatory tool 58 ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES 60 Improvement of hazard and damage estimations for tropical cyclones using satellite datas 61 Candid camera – using video and artificial intelligence as measurement instruments 62 A rubber ducky to remove blooming algae 63 ADVISORY COUNCIL, SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL AND COLOFON