R&D highlights edition 2018

CONTENTS 3 INTRODUCTION 4 ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES 6 Deformation-based assessment of dike safety 7 Multi-resolution global modelling of surface currents 8 Nitrate app 9 Switch-on: open data project successfully closed 10 DELTA INFRASTRUCTURE 12 Erosion on the Korean east coast: from understanding to practice 13 Scour protection handbook 14 Rapid fall in the cost of offshore wind energy 15 Green port policy in tanzania 16 Bubble screens 17 Interaction of a filling jet and a vessel in a lock 18 Building resilience to extreme weather and climate change into critical infrastructures 19 Unravelling the secret of liquefaction in loose sands by freezing 20 Measuring tsunami forces to design safe cooling systems for power plants 21 Anura3D MPM for large-deformation geotechnical and hydraulic engineering 22 WATER AND SUBSOIL RESOURCES 24 Drought event simulation and drought risk analysis 25 Participatory and collaborative modelling: key to sustainable and inclusive development 26 Autonomous measuring platforms 27 Treasure hunt for fresh groundwater 28 Stratigraphic modelling with the delft3D geotool 29 Groundwater in multi-stressed aquatic ecosystems 30 New IWRM framework helps the philippines to operationalise sustainable development goal 6.5 32 ADAPTIVE DELTA PLANNING 34 Enhancing knowledge transfer and uptake 35 Detecting trends in climate change 36 Erosion of sandy beaches worldwide 37 Increasing the resilience of maritime transport in Tuvalu 38 Visual communication in science and landscape design 39 Cascading effects of infrastructure disruption and identification of vulnerable groups 40 The Dutch Delta Approach 42 ECOSYSTEMS AND ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY 44 Iron-bearing groundwater makes phosphate less harmful 45 The iFlow model: a simplified model for the study of complex estuarine sediment transport 46 Energy production with floating solar farms 47 Ecological modelling for the environmental impact assessment of sand extraction in the north sea 48 Salt intrusion and temperature dynamics in San Francisco Bay 49 The interplay between rivers and riparian vegetation 50 Tubifex worms improve densification rates and the strengthening of soft sediments and mine tailings 51 Ecosystem-based adaptation using building with nature: towards resilient coasts in Indonesia 52 Widely supported guidelines for naturebased solutions in flood risk management 53 Vegetation modelling to assess the development and performance of nature-based flood defences 54 FLOOD RISK 56 EU floods directive in Denmark screening flood risks on the 8000-km-long Danish coast 57 Improving cost-benefit analysis for floodrisk management to account for the interests of the poor 58 Emergency advice for a temporary dam near Grave 59 Serving the community: Coastal and fluvial flood forecasting in Ethekwini (Kwazulu Nathal, South Africa) 60 BASE platform: portal for satellite-derived bathymetry 61 Hurricane Irma: impact-based forecasting put to the test! 62 An improved hydrological cycle with high- resolution models 63 XBeachX - new anniversary release of the Deltares coastal impact software 64 Asphalt in the delta flume 65 Real-time dam stability monitoring 66 Scour holes in river deltas 67 ADVISORY COUNCIL, SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL AND COLOFON INTRODUCTION 0515nb001 an rijkswaterenmet chepen. urzaamheidenflexibiliteit. 017metEngelsenNoors ederlandseNoordzeemogelijk •Mogelijkevervolgstappen: -Opstellen juridischkadervoor zelfvarende schepen -Testen in lastigeweers-ofvaaromstandigheden -Uitbreiden testlocatienaaralle rijkswateren -Verdere integratieRijkswaterstaat-meetsensoren met zelfvarend schip Noordzee 2